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Where do we come from? What are the values guiding our path through hard times? What gives us the strength to overcome any pitfall? Are we able to still stay connected to the pure tastes we used to put in our homes in the past? Let the return to our roots be a wise choice, not a simple solution. This will help us rediscover the honesty we are missing and find truth in our lives. This means that for us to move forward, we need to value our roots.

The journey
of olive oil

Our olive groves are located in the area of Sfakopigadi of Kissamos in Chania. They “stand tall” in an area of 2,500 acres of fertile land and at a distance of 1.3 kilometers from the sea. Our oil mill is nearby, in the area of Glykorizia of Kissamos, and “welcomes” our harvested olives to be pressed on the same day we pick them. This pure fruit of nature becomes the “liquid gold” of our nutrition.
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your visit

Arrange a free appointment to visit the mill, try our olive oil and be trained on how you can stand out and recognise the quality of olive oil.

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Enjoy watching or even participating in the unique olive harvest experience, from October to January.

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We provide also accommodation near the most breathtaking olive grove scenery

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