About us

Olive oil, our heritage

Our roots,
our story,
our family

The grandfather of the family may have planted the first olive trees in our olive grove, but this place, which still offers us its best natural products, has its own distant history since the 10th century AD. It was Nikiforos Fokas, who brought his courageous fighters to Chania and provided this rich land. It was a symbolic reward for achieving Crete’s independence from the Saracens and its return to Byzantine, but also for constantly protecting it from new Arab invasions. One of these inspiring fighters was Hairetis, the ancestor of the Hairetakis family. The family’s coat-of-arms of 981 AD. testifies its Byzantine origin and the history of this place, which fills us with pride.
Our goal
Τhe goal of all of the whole family is to move forward with hard work, passion and entrepreneurship, as well as using our valuable experience in the field of olive oil manufacture, production, standardisation, and marketing. Moreover, Michalis Cheretakis, president of the association of oil mill owners in the Chania Prefecture, is our “guiding light” and the certified fine olive oil flavour is our “sole purpose”. Both empower us to create high quality olive oils, with proven health benefits. We believe that in order for olive oil to be valuable, it must follow the olive grove-mill-standardisation-storage procedure, always accompanied by  three words: quality - honesty - responsibility.

The Cheretaki family business is based in Kissamos, within the Chania Prefecture of Crete.

our mission

Our history and experience enable us to create and provide every year, premium quality olive oil, which is produced and sold in specific quantities.

our Philosophy
Any home which uses our olive oil feels like our home. We only select top quality ingredients and methods to produce the olive oil we give our children for everybody.
our vision

We “stick” to our vision daily:
offering only the best quality

Our vision is to offer consumers top quality and premium olive oils, elevating the nutritional standards inspired by the timeless Greek diet and at the same time supporting a healthy lifestyle.Our goal is to be able to show consumers the distinctive character of our olive oils. We want people to learn how to distinguish quality olive oils from mass-produced ones, as well as to be able to discover other Cretan goods by combining them with olive oil. This way more people will have the opportunity to enjoy innovative, traditional products with olive oil as the base. This precious gift of nature can become an everyday ritual for all.

The man behind the quality

Michalis Cheretakis

OWner - Certified Olive Oil Specialist
Specializes in olive oil flavour through certified tasting seminars. Performs: a) Organoleptic taste analysis for Fruity, Bitter or Spicy olive oil. b) Chemical analysis.


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