Our olive groves are located in the area of Sfakopigadi of Kissamos in Chania. They “stand tall” in an area of 2,500 acres of fertile land and at a distance of 1.3 kilometers from the sea. In our sunny olive groves, which “inhale” the breeze of the Cretan Sea, the Extra Virgin Cretan Olive Oil "Mia Riza" is produced. Our oil mill is nearby, in the area of Glykorizia of Kissamos, and “welcomes” our harvested olives to be pressed on the same day we pick them. This pure fruit of nature becomes the “liquid gold” of our nutrition.

From irrigation to harvest

Olive Groves

Olive oil, the "liquid gold" according to Homer, is a miraculous source of nutrients for humans, and this is something we, as a company, want to ensure, above all.

01 - Care

Every day is very valuable to us, as is olive oil. We spend our days in our olive groves, making sure the olives ripen in the best way, supervising for any possible olive tree infections.

02 - Irrigation

Irrigation is done entirely by private drilling. Also, our crop protection of our olive trees is carried out by following the instructions of our specialised agronomists, with whom we have collaborated for many years, and in accordance with the best practices in the field of olive oil production.

03 - Harvest

We harvest our olives just a bit earlier than specified, so that we can extract premium quality olive oil and all its beneficial properties: fruity, bitter and spicy, which make it extraordinary.

04 - Harvest

The olive harvest becomes a true ritual in our grove. The fruits are carefully picked with the latest methods and tools.

Once the olive selection is completed at the olive grove, the olives are transferred to our olive mill, which holds all the required certificates.

Olive mill
The olives are crushed and our Extra Virgin Cretan Olive Oil is produced. The extrusion is performed without any chemicals or processing, while stainless steel presses are used during the procedure. The centrifugation process follows from which our precious olive oil purely derives, in accordance with the rules of the European Union.


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